Friday 12-6-2019

Greetings and welcome!

First up today.. it was incorrectly reported that Iron Snowshoe trails are open north of Hwy C. They are not. The only trails open are the Dun-Good club.

We had a fairly mild day again yesterday with temps just getting into the 30s. There was a little freezing drizzle after dark.

We have similar temps coming up for today and Saturday. Sunday we could get some freezing drizzle turning to drizzle as the day gets as warm as 38. There is a storm coming for Monday that could bring a couple of inches of snow. It does not look very organized but my guess right now is about 2-4 or 3-6.

Behind that storm we have a big blast of arctic air coming that should make next week a cold one. Tuesday and Thursday could get up to 15F but Wednesday we could see high temperatures of 6 or 8 degrees. So far the coldest low temperature is Wednesday night with -6.

Yesterday my travels took me from Silver Cliff to Crivitz and west to Crooked Lake. The roads were much improved in most areas. Here in Silver Cliff we are still in the land of the lost with snow and ice on the roads and not much for treatment. That made the ride home last night interesting when the freezing drizzle came.

While I am not very happy about icy roads on county highways I really like that side roads have a good layer of ice and snow. When the season opens road trails will be very rideable. Those are often a rough ride in the beginning of the season.

I passed Bounday Lake and saw Crooked Lake yesterday. It looked like the snow had pushed down the ice and flooded it here and there. I will try to go see Caldron Falls today.

Time to get back to work. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


Note- I am going to open the comments back up. I close them in the off season because spammers submit literally thousands of comments making sorting through them for real comments a chore. They need to be manually approved thanks to the spammers so your comments might not show right away.