Friday 2-15-19

Greetings and welcome!

We have a sunny 20 degree day outside. The trails have ample snow and have been getting groomed. If there is anything bad to say about them it would be that there is plenty of free snow. My travels took me to Crivitz and Crooked Lake yesterday, and virtually all of the trails looked great.

Last night our Thursday storm brought some surprises. It was supposed to bring 1/2-1″ of snow. This one didn’t know when to quit and it just kept snowing. I am sure that I have at least 2″ of fresh snow, maybe close to 3″. The snow came with some fairly strong wind so we had some blowing and drifting. The big snow piles along the driveway made a pretty good snow fence and the driveway filled right up. I was in for a surprise when I got home last night. I turned into the driveway and found myself in a lot more snow than I expected. I barely made it up the driveway.

So when I am done here I am back on snow removal. There is nowhere to go with it with the plow truck so I will be chasing the snowblower for a couple of miles. The snow on the ground is close to 3′ deep so pushing back the snow piles takes a lot of effort. A Payloader or skidsteer would be a lot better at it than a 1/2 ton Chevy truck.The ice base under the snow makes it even more challenging.

When I finish there it is back to trying to shovel off my roofs. The snow load on those is getting critical. The guys that shovel roofs said that they had some roofs 40″ deep or more. I heard about one shed roof and one mobile home roof caving in already.

I am delighted that we are having a great snow year. My mission now is to get my snow removal out of the way so that I can get some riding in. This all work and no play stuff is getting old.

I will be at Rapids Resort again Saturday from noon until 4 or 5. Stop in and get your picture on the web site. I have also been putting the pictures on the Todd & Barb’s Rapids Resort FaceBook page too.

Events this weekend include human ice bowling at Thorntons, and fish-o-ramas with the Red Arrow Townsend snowmobile & ATV club, on Wheeler Lake in Lakewood, and in Crooked lake. The fish-o-ramas have a lot of raffles and stuff going on as well as the fishing contests. I am not sure what the lakes are like with a couple of feet off snow on them. It might be a challenge getting set up.

Well I have a date with a snowblower, a shovel and roof rake.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!


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  1. Just an FYI….i’m in the Dells area right now and there has to be close to 2 feet on the ground…. We’re staying in a place along the Wisc river and it looks gorgeous around here! Skied at Cascade today and the conditions were close to PERFECT….. When i saw the snow piles at the edge of the parking lot, it reminded me of out west… Piles were a good 10 feet, or higher…. Haven’t seen any sleds, but then again, i doubt there’s much in the way of trails in town, but have seen tracks out in the farm fields and along the power lines….

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