Friday 2-19-16


Greetings and welcome!

We lost a lot of snow today, and there are a lot of puddles. When I was in Crivitz I saw a lot of grass on the trails. Closer to Athelstane the trail had full coverage but looked dirty. The same goes for here in Silver Cliff.

There was not much rain at all, but the wind kicked in for the afternoon. It is pretty gusty right now at 6pm, the TV says 15-30mph. That wind is expected to continue tomorrow, about 12 gusting to 20.

The storm did not bring the expected rain, and it is moving off to the east. About all that I saw was a little drizzle.

I am a little nervous about the clearing behind the storm that I saw on the satellite. Tomorrow’s 43 and windy is bad enough, a sunny day too would not be good.

As far as temperature, it was in the mid-30s by mid-morning, and I saw a peak of 43. It was still 38 when I got home at 6pm. As much melting and puddles that happened today you’d think it was warmer. Thank the wind for that. just like a fan cooling you off, a warm wind can transfer a lot of heat and take a lot of snow. At least it stayed cloudy.

Once I got home I got a better look around. Areas with ample base were packy and turning to cement. Thinner areas blew out to grass. Remaining snow from earlier this week was as soft as a marshmallow. Road shoulders are mostly gone.

If I were to ride now I’d pick less traveled areas and probably head north of C and Benson Lake Rd, or north of Townsend. Avoiding roads is highly recommended.

I will not be at Rapids Resort tomorrow, I have to work my regular job.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!