Friday 2-21-2014

Greetings and welcome!

The storm has been an up and down ride. At one point we were up to about 3″ from the first wave. Then came the rain that knocked that down to about an inch, and now it is snowing again, bringing us past the 2″ mark and heading for 3.

Overall it will be a net gain for the trails. The moisture content should pack the snow down nicely. It will also help replace any ice layer on the roads lost during our warm days this week.

Now comes the part with the strong winds and colder temperatures. The NWS expects us to be in the 20s today with 15-25mph winds gusting to 40. There will still be some wind for the weekend, but only in the 10-15mph range. They are predicting upper teens for highs and 0 to -5 for lows Saturday and Sunday.

In the excitement of the pending storm I never covered temperatures this week. Tuesday got into the low 30s. Wednesday got really warm, and I saw the bank clocks say 46 and 48. Thursday was only in the mid-30s.

From what I saw it didn’t really harm the trails. The warm days helped clear roads and some snow was sliding off of metal roofs, but generally the trails stayed intact. There might be a few puddles in low spots and some road trails got it in sunny areas, but last night’s storm should fix any roads. We should again be in for some great trails this weekend.

Also of note, it has been reported that the gas station in Dunbar is currently closed, so plan your fuel stops accordingly.

Well I have a long drive on what will be some some icy roads this morning, so I am off to get ready for work. Have a good Friday and thank you for visiting!