Friday 2-22-19

Greetings and welcome!

I don’t know.  How often do you hear someone admit that?

We have a big storm coming for Saturday night and Sunday and it looks like it could get a little out of hand. Some of the forecasts (Including our winter storm watch) are saying 8-14″ of snow with 35-40+ mph winds. Some of my guidance supports the upper range of that, some of it doesn’t.

Right now it looks like we could see a little snow, mist, and freezing drizzle Saturday afternoon as the storm gets closer. It looks like mostly a good day but on the warm side with temps in the 30s. Late in the day it is supposed to pick up a little with some rain or freezing rain. Sometime between 9pm and midnight it is supposed to pick up in intensity and switch over to a heavy snow with the high winds for the overnight hours and Sunday morning. It is supposed to be over by Sunday afternoon, leaving us with wind and quickly falling temperatures.

I have seen forecast snow totals as low as 6″ and as high as 16″. Who do I believe? So much depends on the path of the storm and how soon that it switches over to snow that it is hard to pin down a solid forecast. Right now I am on board with a 6-10″ snow and some rain first. It could easily get out of hand but how much is hype?

At any rate it is a sunny 36 degree day outside today. I keep hearing crashing as the metal roofs shed snow and the icicles and ice dams get burned away and fall to the ground. I am ok with all of that. I am hoping that it softened up the snow piles in the driveway a little too so that I can push them back with the plow truck.

I am planning on being at Rapids again Saturday afternoon. If you are around come and get your picture taken. I am probably going to be there Sunday afternoon too, but if it is a howling blizzard or if I am digging out of a foot of wet heavy snow maybe not.

I just don’t know what the storm will bring, but I will be watching. I am encouraged that some of the forecasts are scaling back snow totals to a little more believable scenario.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!