Friday 2-9-18

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a very busy week for me with work. That is a good thing but it is seriously cutting into my trail time with prime season here. Today I escaped for an hour right before sunset and went for a quick ride with a neighbor.

We found great roads and scrapey roads. The trails were well groomed and very nice with a minor spot here and there where the groomer tilled up a little snirt or leaves or pulled it thin. I had a very comfortable ride even on my 1994 suspension.

We have a sunny but cold finish to the week ahead with a high of 17 Friday, and low 20s Saturday and Sunday. Look for overnight lows of about -10. So far the sun damage has been mostly limited to roads by the cold. The biggest challenge to the trails that I see ahead in the short term is traffic. Get it while it is so nice.

This weekend I will be at the rapids Resort again on Saturday from noon until 5 or so, sometimes 7 or 8 if it is busy. I will have the camera along so stop in and get a picture of your group and I’ll put it here on the web page.

BTW the prime rib there is very good. I got some last Saturday and it was quite tasty. I ate good Sunday too.

This Saturday is the big High Falls Winterfest and Fish-O-Rama.

It is prime time and possibly the best trails of the season.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!