Friday April 12th, 2013

Notice: Due to a hacker attack on the other server I am unable to update the page. The site is up and fine, but to keep the hackers out they locked down access. That will return to normal once the attacks stop, but for now I am updating over here. RJB

Greetings and welcome!

We didn’t get much of the first storms this week, maybe half to three quarters of an inch of rain. We missed out on the fun that people were having downstate with the heavy rain and snow. It was like there was a force field at about Hwy 64 and not much got past that.

Thursday and Thursday night that changed. Thursday afternoon I drove to work in the rain and came back at midnight in about 4″ of snow with a driving wind. The high winds make quantifying the snow pretty hard, but I am comfortable with calling it at least 4″. About 8 or 9 it was really blowing and snowing, and it had to be close to blizzard conditions. A couple of local FaceBook friends said that we had thunder snow for a while. I missed that but it was coming down hard and fast enough to believe.

We were hoping to kick off the spring whitewater rafting season this weekend starting with a Saturday noon trip. I haven’t heard anything to change that, but I have my doubts. I have seen it before where the snow and cold from a storm like this froze the river back up. We got down to 27 last night, and it is still 28 at 6:30am. It isn’t expected to get past the mid-30s today and a couple of more inches of snow is possible today.

It is totally up to Kosir’s if they run this weekend once they check on river conditions. You will want to check with them about how the storm went and what the plan is for the weekend. Like the diehards that make it the first weekend, they are ready to go, the question is if the river will be. I have seen a storm like this lock it down pretty fast, so stay tuned.