Friday December 18th, 2009

Greetings and welcome!

I did get my gravel ride in this afternoon, and of course it was fun.  It was also obvious that I have a little work to do on the sled.

A few of you have asked about the donation button. That should return over the weekend. Once I get the local club page, an event page, and the tech pages links set up, I will do the donation button. First things first. I am behind, and working hard to catch up, so I will be hot to get that done in the short term.

The latest pass of the GFS has the Christmas storm hitting south of the IL/WI border, and the New Years storm moved that way a bit. Last night the forecasters were talking about it like it was a decent bet. It still may be, a lot can change in six or seven days.

A question… Is the snow is a nifty addition or too much of an irritation? Comments are welcomed.

Read on for the..

Early Morning Report

Yesterday my travels took me to Lakewood and Townsend and I got a look at some  trails between here and there right at sunset.  It was about what I expected. You can ride but it is thin. Call it typical early season conditions.

We had about 8-9″ out of the bigger storm last week, and about 2-3 since. Both were puffy snow, so it settled. You can indeed ride, but there hasn’t been enough snow to build a base on the trails and a good ice layer on roads. The clubs did go out and pack the trails after the bigger storm.

Some of the trails laid down pretty nice from what I saw. The forest roads were a little gravelly for my tastes, and as expected there were a few bare spots on the RR grade by Highway 32. Bottom line? You can ride, but you will want to pick your spots.

I still haven’t mounted up yet. That should change later today. The forecast is for a high of 28 and not much wind. That will put me outside on a variety of neglected projects, including my first gravel ride of the year. I will probably stay close to home until I see more snow, there is a lot of road between me and the trails.

When I did my weather forecast research this morning I liked what I saw more than the last time that we visited. The latest GFS is showing a large area of high pressure dominating our weather in the short term. There isn’t much for snow over the next few days with the exception of the occasional minor disturbance.

As that high pressure moves to our east, it serves us by pushing a storm up into our area for about Christmas Day. It looks like a pretty good one too. There is also a New Year’s Eve storm to watch.

More good news, there are no big cold or warm waves expected over the 16 day forecast. As is typical, the clockwise rotation of the high pressure area will bring colder weather as it approaches and warmer weather after it passes. The good news is that it isn’t very extreme on either end.

The big project that commanded so much of my time over the last 3-4 weeks is almost at an end. Now I am working on catching up with the rest of what I do. Things will get better here as that process progresses.

I am not aware of any events between now and the end of the year. The Lakewood Sno-Cross with Fantasy Moto was on the schedule Jan 1 & 2 (F & S), but when the latest one came out, Lakewood is no longer a venue. I am not sure what happened there.

I recall seeing quite a few events for January already in the papers. Again, I will catch up soon.

That is about it from here. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!