Friday December 2, 2011


The GFS and NAM models are lining up on the idea of the rain snow line and heavier precip being farther northwest than the previous GFS  solutions. The NWS forecast is on board with this, and is expecting the bulk of the snow to be NW of a line from Wisconsin Rapids to Iron Mountain. North of that could see 5-8, southeast of that would see reduced totals from a rain snow mix.

I agree with the NWS advice to stay tuned on this one. One hundred miles one way or the other on the rain snow line will make a big difference. There is some pretty cold air right on the heels of the storm, adding a dynamic to calling that line.

My thoughts are wandering to what if it is a lot of rain? With the roads frozen, it would probably ice up the untreated back roads that are also trails pretty well. That and some slushy snow frozen in would be a nice start on a base.

From what I saw on the back roads last night and in my driveway, the last episode of that was holding pretty well in unplowed areas. It won’t take much more for a gravel ride or better.

For a guy that doesn’t have high hopes for this storm I have been working awfully hard to get ready for it. I have been pounding away in the wood yard, and the path in front of the RXL is cleared. The battery should be done charging by now. Weather permitting the plan is to pick up a 5er of 93 no E premium on the way to the antique snowmobile show tomorrow, and the oil is out on the workbench. Bring it.



Greetings and welcome!

It is a cold one this morning. Athelstane Weather is showing 7.2F and Iron Mountain is coming in at 5. Rhinelander is at +2.

The storm for Saturday and Saturday night is still on track. I am not sold that this is the final solution, but so far it has been consistent across a couple of model runs.

Right now the NWS is showing significant snow possible and leaving amounts vague for our area. Rhinelander they have for 2″ Saturday and 5  Saturday night. The HPC is coming in at about 0.72 for the storm, call it about 7-8″. The GFS and NAM models are about in line with that, showing us in the 1/2-3/4″ range, call it 6-9.

I am not sold that we will see that much, but that is what all of my guidance says. I will check again later.

Have a good Friday and thank you for visiting!