Friday December 20th, 2019

Greetings and welcome!

Thursday’s travels took me to Silver Cliff, Crivitz and Crooked Lake. Almost all of the trails were groomed and looked great. The town roads have a nice layer of ice, so road trails are in good shape too. Iron Snowshoe opened Thursday, Northern Oconto Co opens today.

We have a bit of a warm spell comingĀ  up this weekend and into next week. We are looking at 34 today, 36 Saturday and 39 Sunday. It should be some very comfortable riding this weekend.

I will be at Rapids Saturday to meet people and do pictures Saturday from 1-5pm.

Those of you that hate the gurgling gas cans that take forever to pour gas into the snowmobile will appreciate this. I bought myself a Christmas present this year. It is a nice big funnel. It just barely fits in the gas tank and it is so big that it holds a gallon and a half. I can unscrew the useless spout off of the gas can and pour 5 gallons of gas into the snowmobile as fast as it comes out of the can. I had one of these a few years ago and loved it. It has since gone to funnel heaven. You couldn’t imagine how happy that makes me for $8. Red plastic funnel.. you’re not just a funnel, you’re my friend.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!