Friday December 23, 2011


The snow is pretty much done. I have about 1/2″ on the front step, probably a little less.

Greetings and welcome!

What is this that I see? It is blue on the radar. Not rain, not freezing rain, not rain mixed with snow, real live snow! Too bad it is just a clipper system.

The radar shows the snow already past Rhinelander, and on the way here. We could see an inch of snow out of the storm, mostly this afternoon.

The main roads and even side roads like Parkway are pretty much clear of snow and ice. Some even have a little layer of salt from the other night’s freezing dew. It could add up and get slippery on the roads, but I’d expect the main ones to handle an inch of snow pretty well between the road crews and the holiday traffic.

The place where things will get tricky is spots like my driveway where there is a sheet of ice. Until that snow bonds to the ice it will be very slick. The tricky part will be figuring out if it is just gravel or if it is ice under the snow.

I recall traveling to Madison one year for Christmas to see my family when it was 20 some below zero on the way back.  That won’t be this year. The weekend looks pretty decent with low to mid-30s Saturday and mid-30s and some wind Sunday. Overnight lows should be in the teens tonight and Saturday night should be in the low 20s.

The snow holds the possibility of helping those untreated forest roads become somewhat rideable. A lot of them around here are a solid sheet of ice. A little snow will help.