Friday December 31, 2021

Greetings and happy new year!

The amount of riders in the area yesterday was surprising. There were a lot of people around.  The trails actually started getting a little wavy. It was nothing bad but they are ready for a groomer. They will hopefully run tonight.

The weather last night was not rider friendly. We had some freezing drizzle that glazed the roads and everything else including helmet shields. I have dealt with the freezing drizzle on the shield and that is a rough ride. Side roads and trails with some loose snow just absorbed the drizzle. Bare county roads got really icy. They were much better today.

Today we hit a high of 29 and we had some light snow and flurries shortly before sunset. It wasn’t anything that was going to add up, but it is enough to make roads white. I call it winter wonderland snow. We could see some more of that tonight and maybe tomorrow too.

I ran into these guys at Rapids Resort last night and we have our first riders group picture of the year. Great to see you guys!

Have a good New Year and thank you for visiting!