Friday Decemberuary 6th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

Decemberuary? Yup. It’s early December but it feels like January. It is a crisp 2 degrees at 2am this morning, with a chilly 5-10 mph wind. We are making ice tonight.

The cold blast behind the storm definitely locked things up. Plowed parking lots and roads now have a nice layer of ice on them from the rain that followed the snow.Th ones that were plowed bare are glazed with ice, and the roads that held a little snow have a nice ice layer from it soaking in and freezing.

Talking to a friend in Lakewood last night he said they went from about 8″ of snow down to 4 from the rain that followed the snow. That is about the same as here. There is a glaze of ice on the snow and the slushy stuff under it turned into a layer of ice.

While it isn’t much fun to drive in, it will serve us very well when it comes time to ride. That ice layer will help keep skis from dragging on roads and parking lots, and take some of the pain out of early season conditions.

We have a cold weekend ahead. Friday and Saturday we are looking at high temperatures in the 10-15 degree range and lows of about -5. Sunday warms up a little and could go into the mid or upper teens.The cold is expected to continue next week too. I don’t see a day above 20, and early week looks like highs in the low teens.

Sunday night into Monday we are expecting a little snow. It isn’t much of a storm, but it could bring 2-4 or maybe a little more. Looking a little farther out on the GFS forecast model it looks like more cold weather, along with a little snow every few days.

From what I can see, we are off to a great start for the winter riding season. The ice layer will serve us well on plowed roads, and the ongoing cold weather will really help to get a lid on the lakes. The snow every few days should start adding up too.

I want to remind you of the 10th annual NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders vintage snowmobile show and swap meet this Saturday at Gateway Bar in Crivitz. They always have a huge display of really nice antique and one of a kind snowmobiles, and it is free too.

Time to throw a couple of more logs on the fire and get some sleep. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!