Friday Feb 19th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

Brother can ya spare some SPF 30?

Here we are again with sunny skies and temps at 39 and climbing. Could it get any more depressing?

So far here is what I know that is new. Iron Snowshoe called in with an update. The trails north of C are still handling it, south of C they are poor and deteriorating. Grooming has been suspended until it snows again. The LMT and 100 miler are still reporting good trails. Others were, but haven’t updated since yesterday.

The NWS is looking for 36 today, 36 Saturday and 33 Sunday all with sun.

Last night’s El Nino (ENSO) research found that while it is backing down a little, it is not going away.

As we get closer to the date range of the big storm or two hopes are fading. There are a lot of chances for smaller snows ahead, but the high pressure from hell looks like it will hold strong and continue to shield us from storms.

Operation dismantle is going to be back in full swing in a little while when I drop the snow plow off of the truck.

So the bottom line is, ride from C north. That line will probably shift as the weekend wears the trails with sun and traffic and warm days.