Friday Feb 22nd, 2013


It has been snowing a lot this morning and we have about 5″ down by my measurement. There was 3″ right on the front step, but walking into the yard a little I was measuring 4 and 5″. It is a healthy dose of snow and it is still coming.

Chris reported that her ride out from Crivitz at noon started with about 3″ there and went up to 5″ here. The roads were decent south of X & A and got worse as she came this way. There was a little freezing drizzle on the way, but it is back to snow.

The storm obviously didn’t weaken as much as they expected or at least as early as they expected. The NWS is looking for 3″ today, another inch tonight and maybe a half inch tomorrow.

These guys stopped in at Curve for some dinner last night after the trail. It was good to see you guys, thank you for visiting!


The noon news said that there was snowmobile fatality in Mountain last night. Apparently a 62 year old man was crossing 32 off of the NST and lost control. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

I am not sure what to expect for trail traffic this weekend. Normally I would expect a lot of riders, but I am not sure how many the storm held back. I guess we will find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will be skipping out of work at Rapids and joining the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders for their Racer & Lana Rae’s to Pines antique snowmobile ride. Racers is about 15 miles west of Crivitz on X, and the Pines is about 12 miles down the trail farther west.

We will be making a day of it, and they even have a barn fresh antique snowmobile that they will be raffling off. Registration of the antique snowmobiles will start at 10am and the ride takes off at 11. The ride is usually well attended. I know that I am looking forward to it.

I am off to go and fire up the plow truck and get at least an initial handle on the driveway. It is getting pretty deep out there and it is still coming down at a decent clip.

22213cHave a good weekend and thank you for visiting!