Friday Feb 3rd, 2012

Late Evening Update-

I got word that Iron Snowshoe closed trails south of Hwy C.

Greetings and welcome!

I don’t know what to tell you about a call for the weekend. I found good conditions heading toward Goodman yesterday, and the Dun-Good site update this morning said that the trails were holding up well. There are trails to ride if you seek them out heading north and on unplowed forest roads.

The part that I don’t know about is that it is 40 and sunny right now as of 12:45 and there are 4 more hours of it ahead before sunset. We are expecting more of the same sunny & 40 for Saturday and Sunday. That certainly would suggest deteriorating conditions, especially with some traffic, and again if the 40 and sunny gets out of hand.

Iron Snowshoe south of C and Lakewood are in rough shape. Red Arrow in Townsend is reporting rideable trails, but with deteriorating conditions. I would probably head toward Goodman, and Florence and Forest Counties. The whole state was warm temps this week and will over the weekend. Those areas just had more base to work with and it can stand up to the warmth and sun better.

I guess that March conditions would sum it up well.

Have a good weekend and thak you for visiting!