Friday February 11th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

Here it is Friday night of the biggest weekend of the season for events. The trails aren’t great but you can ride if you watch where you go and don’t dwell on the bad stuff.

The big one is that roads are bare, and some high traffic areas and corners are nasty. Much of the trail has that stained not quite snirty look of used snow, and there is snirt too.

We didn’t suddenly melt down in last night’s -19 temperatures. There is a lot of trail that looks like the pictures from this week. I just want to temper that a little. It is mid-Feb, we had a warm weekend last weekend, and have had no snow for a couple of weeks. There will be bad spots.

The best news that I have is that it could snow a little tonight and  Saturday, and that the groomers have been active this week.

Have fun this weekend and thank you for visiting!