Friday February 14th, 2014

Greetings and happy St Valentine’s Day!

The snow yesterday gave us about 3″ of fresh powder to play in for the weekend.

It started out pretty light in the morning, but for a while about 11am it was a near whiteout. It was really coming down for about 45 minutes. I was driving from Crivitz to Wausaukee at about 11:15 and had to stop in Middle Inlet to clear the built up snow off of the wipers. By Wausaukee I could barely see again. It was a pretty good blast of snow.

It slowed down in the afternoon, and on the way home it was a drizzle mist/light snow mix. After dark it came on again with big fluffy flakes. It is a nice blanket of frosting for our play time.

The trails remain in great shape. There has been no melting or bad sun, and the groomers have been keeping them nice and flat. Now there is some fresh stuff on top, and it should be great riding this weekend.

The weather outlook is good too. We are looking at upper teens today and tomorrow, and low 20s Sunday. It might get cold tonight if the skies are clear, the forecast is for a low of  5-10 below, but Saturday night’s forecast is for +8.

After pulling some really long hours this week I am looking forward to the weekend and hoping to get a little saddle time in. I am also hoping to see a lot of you out there and at Rapids Saturday afternoon. It should be a fun weekend.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!