Friday February 17th, 2012


Greetings and Welcome,

A couple of updates..

I talked to a friend that called trying to talk me into a ride. I was told not to bother with my Parkway Run. The road was getting muddy and rutted up, the trails had long bare spots, and you wanted to go up by 8 for trails. There are still trails north and west of 8 & 32 but not everywhere is perfect. He said that if you know where to ride it is nice but it isn’t everywhere. I wish that I could ride, I am up against some time constraints.

I also got word that Iron Snowshoe closed the trails and gates south of C. They report that north is thin.

Fisher’s Camp.. They got shut down the week before the radar runs on Caldron Falls Flowage following a compliance check. The compliance check came out squeeky clean except for one thing. The state & local licenses had a minor wording difference, something to the effect of Fishers Camp Resort vs Fishers Camp Resort & Cabins.

The town would reissue a liquor license, but they needed a meeting to lift the moratorium on them, and another to approve it. That all took a couple of weeks, but it is straightened out now, and they are back and ready for their Ice Golf event this weekend.

From their FB page..

Ice Golf on the 18th, prizes on random holes for best shot, also a betting hole. 4 person teams $5 a person 100% payout!! hope everyone can make it. spread the word. there will be a meat raffle to follow and our V.I.P. drawing…. see you then

The latest from the NWS says that we could see an inch tonight. It is snowing. The rest of the weekend should be in the low to mid-30s, but at this time of year the sun can raise that quickly.

Next week holds some promise with storms possible Tuesday and Thursday. The Tuesday storm has been showing up pretty consistently in the guidance and it is a believable scenario.

That’s news, have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!











Greetings and welcome!

It has been a bad week for snow cover in Silver Cliff and ther rest of Northeast WI. It has been around or over 40 all week, and the sun has been out. It is mixed sun and clouds and 39 at the moment. There is a lot of bare ground and even mud around here and riding is not an option locally.

As it has been all winter, the best shot at a ride is around and north of 8 and west of 32. The 100 miler is the only club that has updated since Tuesday. The groomer posted a lot of pictures, most of which looked good. They are reporting fair to good conditions, but really thinning. This post talks about Laona to Crandon being about 85% good, where it is good it is nice, but the small stretches that are bad are pretty bad. This post from Tuesday suggests that there is more snow across the border in Iron Co.

I would not ride Crivitz, Lakewood, Iron Snowshoe Wausaukee, Athelstane, or the railroad grade along 32 up to Townsend. About the only shot at riding right around here would be between here and Hwy 8 up by Goodman and Dunbar, and that is going to have a mix of sunny and nice spots depending on sun exposure. I am planning on taking a ride up Parkway to see what conditions are between here and Goodman in a little while and I will report back in a few hours.

I was holding out for the noon news and their weather animation showed a chance of a little snow in Northern Marinette, Northern Oconto, and Forest Co, but the weather buddy kept referring to it as snow showers. The GFS & NAM models suggest that it could go 1-3, but the radar at the moment is unimpressive. Hopefully it builds tonight and gets WAAAYYYY out of hand.

In other news, Fisher’s Camp got their liquor license back last night and they will be open and partying hard for Ice Golf this weekend. After a couple of weeks on the sidelines over a really minor license SNAFU, they are very happy to be back up and running. I will fill in more details when I get back. Right now I am going to go scout along Parkway by truck between here and Goodman.

Be back in a few hours.