Friday February 28th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

It is another cold one this morning. Athelstane is at 24, Iron Mountain is at 25, and Green Bay is at 20…below.

This is just about the end of that sort of thing, but not quite the last one. Saturday night they are looking at -20. That should (hopefully) be about the end of the -20s.

The GFS is showing temperatures moderating after about mid-week next week. This morning’s version doesn’t show anything too extreme either way, just a lot more reasonable temps and an active pattern for storms. That will be fine.

The outlook for this weekend starts with 2-4 of snow for this afternoon and tonight. The NWS pointed out that the road salt (what is that?) might not be as effective tonight with the roads so cold, so watch for slippery stuff. The low tonight should be about 0 to -5.

Saturday they are looking for a high of 10-15. They said the same thing last weekend and it ended up being about 20. Saturday night they are looking at cloudy skies and -20, but that doesn’t make sense. There will be cold air in the region, but usually that cold of a night takes clear skies and radiational cooling that goes with a clear night.

Sunday looks chilly with a high of 10.  That too could be subject to change, the sun is getting pretty warm and a sunny day could add 5-10 degrees.

Speaking of the sun, it is having an effect that is going to get obvious pretty soon. The other day I did a picnic table picture and compared it to one that I took about 3 or 4 weeks ago. We have had a foot of snow since the older picture, and there was less there yesterday. (If I could find those pix I’d share ’em. Maybe Monday..) The snow didn’t really go away, it is just consolidated into a firmer snow.

We didn’t have much sun melt this week with the bitter cold, but there was a little. Ice on the sidewalk always had a little ring of melt around it in the afternoon, suggesting that at 25 instead of 5 it would probably melt off.

That will come soon enough. For this weekend the sun has been kept at bay, and there are very nice trails waiting for weekend riders. I saw groomed trails in Crivitz and Wausaukee yesterday, as well as here in Silver Cliff. Tomorrow is March 1st, get it while you can.

That is it for now. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!