Friday January 10th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

Even as close as it is the storm remains a question mark. Right now the NWS forecast is for 2-3″ of snow for our area. The TV is still at 2-5″.

In my research I found a couple of things that aren’t really going our way. One is that the upper air temperatures are right on the bubble. The guess is that the rain/snow line will be at about Hwy 64. As long as it stays snow, that is good, a wet packing snow makes good base.

The other issue is that the models are pushing the storm a little farther east, putting us out of the heaviest band of precip. That is why we went from 2-5 to 2-3″. As much as the storm’s details have changed, this forecast isn’t carved in granite either. Hopefully it all adds up to a pleasant surprise.

Something that I don’t mind is that it is a full 43 degrees warmer than it was yesterday when I went out to start the car. Yesterday it was -26, today it is +17. I am wondering about being happy that it is 17 degrees out, but the past week definitely changes the context of it.

That is it for this morning. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!