Friday January 13th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

5pm Update-

There isn’t much to add here. Silver Cliff, Athelstane, Wausaukee, and Crivitz all need more snow. Think 3″ or less in most areas.

1pm update-

Just took the sled down to the mailbox and got a look around outside. There was a lot of rock on ski where the ice base had melted off. I brushed a solid 3″ off of the sled, but some areas had less where the wind swiped it.

With no base and the wind got some of the snow



With some ice base and an itchy thumb


Unless I find more snow on the way to town I might skip that can of 93. It was pretty gravelly.



The storm has now moved off to the east and a cold blast is taking it’s place. As of 11am it is 19 and we could see  zero plus or minus a few degrees tonight.

The snowfall is hard to quantify thanks to the drifting and the very fine grained snow. My best guess is about 3″. That is what I have on the east side of the house where it didn’t drift. The driveway only shows about an inch of tire tracks, and the grass is just covered above the pickers where the lawn was melted down. On the other side of it I saw some drifted up roads with enough to go and play on when I was on the way home last night. It wasn’t huge drifts, but this winter a 6-12″ drift is exciting stuff.

Chris said that Crivitz had about 4″ but again it was hard to measure thanks to the drifting. The Red Arrow Club out of Townsend is reporting 4″ of new snow and fair to very good conditions.

We got 4 inches of fresh snow. All trails were groomed Thursday evening and we will be grooming all weekend. Woods trails are still somewhat rutted but filling in. We rate the Nicolet Trail and unplowed roads VERY GOOD and forest trails fair at this time. Come on up….you won’t be disappointed!!

Slug said that they had 1-1.5″ around Bear Point in Wausaukee.

The big winner in the storm apparently was the UP. The Milwaukee fish wrap said that  Gile, Wis,  near Hurley saw 29 inches, and Montreal got 16 inches. Likewise from Green Bay south saw a little more snow and reports of  3-6 reach all of the way down to Chicago.

On my way home from my night making pizzas at Curve Inn last night I took Caldron Falls and Landing 11 roads to see what was up. The drifted spots were very inviting, the rest looked like almost enough to play in. Buck’s Ranch Rd with big pines on the north side of the road looked like it had a good amount thanks to drifting, but that was only as far as the headlights would see.

I don’t think that this storm was what we needed to get areas melted to nothing whipped into shape for riding. It does look like it created some riding opportunities on back roads that aren’t plowed and sheltered areas that still held snow or a base. Areas like Townsend and Goodman that still had a little left from our warm spell probably look a lot better. What I saw last night was good enough for a skitch around, but it wasn’t the foot that we would like to see, or enough to get the trails opened.

I was pretty sure that the storm would be a bust. It didn’t seem like it would back up enough to give us some of the more spectacular totals. I bet heavy on it, and didn’t mount the snow plow onto the truck or go for gas for the sled. I only lost half of that bet, I don’t need the snow plow, but I am sorry that I didn’t get gas.

I will be fixing that problem in a few hours when I have to make a run to Crivitz. I will get a better look at the snow and return with a gas can for a forest road ride tomorrow. If all goes according to plan I will have more of an update late this afternoon after I get a better look around.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!