Friday January 15th- Snow update- 5pm

Greetings and welcome!

5pm- There was a light mist most of the day. It stayed above freezing. It is 34 now and that was about the same all day. The snow is down to about an inch of heavy slushy stuff.

I tried to snowblow the driveway at 3pm and that was a fool’s errand. I had to keep unclogging the chute and even the rakes. I probably smoked the belt. I would have had an easier time snowblowing 6 bag mix concrete.

It is messy now but when it freezes up it will be a nice ice base.

There is another inch or two possible when the back of the storm comes through but I would not expect much.

People were asking about road conditions. From what I have heard the main roads are pretty good. Salt is very effective in the mid-30s. My side road is icy, slushy and very sloppy. When this freezes up it will likely get very icy. That probably won’t be until Saturday night. The NWS forecast is for a low of 31 tonight and a high of 36 tomorrow.

1:15pm- The storm is a bit of a dud so far. There is no additional snow. The radar shows nothing happening, but when the dog came back in she was a little wet. At that point it is a light mist or very light rain. It is 34 degrees outside so it is a bit sloppy at the moment. When it freezes up it will likely make a nice ice base.

9am- Just about everything in my 8am first look out of the window report was wrong so I nuked it. We have about 1.5-2″ of wet heavy snow. The rain/snow mix made it heavy and it stuck to everything. It is above freezing so it all has not frozen up yet. It is the kind of snow that will make a great snowball but will soak your glove doing it. It is weighing down tree branches a little.

It wiped off of the TV satellite dish easily and that was restored. The sat internet might be a little more challenging being up on the roof. Hopefully that will clear itself as the day progresses.

3am- We have rain with just a little snow mixed in. There is no accumulation.