Friday January 20, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

It was another bad day today. It started raining about 6:30am and continued for much of the day. It was in the low 30s, but we lost a lot of ground.

Right now the Lakewood and Townsend clubs are asking people to not ride to save the trail base. It is soft and slushy and even a little traffic will hurt it. I can testify to that in my own driveway. I was breaking through the brick of a base and into icy slush and it was a challenge to get up the hill. It was pretty soft and I am sure that i made some nasty ruts.

The Dun-Good Riders are also asking that  “If you must ride, please be sensible! Ride decent and help protect the base.” The River Road Riders are reporting poor conditions.

Saturday’s forecast is for 37 and a 50% chance of rain. Sunday is down to a 20% rain chance, but the high temp will be near 40.

Will it ever end?

Yup. About next Wednesday. There is a chance at a little snow and then gradually winter returns.

I will not be at Rapids Saturday afternoon.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!