Friday January 21, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

We had a cold night last night, but I don’t think that it quite made it to a -35 wind chill. I saw -16.4 on Athelstane Weather early this morning, but that was the wind chill too since the wind was calm at the time.

Locals schools started classes 2 hours late, and in the case of Crivitz and Wausaukee, closed for the day.

It is expected to be a little warmer over the weekend. Today we could bask in temps a high as 7, and tonight’s low is expected to be about -6.

Saturday we are looking at a high of 7-11, with a little wind bringing wind chills to -15. Saturday night looks like about -5 again, with wind chills going to -20. Sunday wins the prize with a forecast of 10-15.

We could see a little dusting or an inch of snow tonight and into Saturday morning as a small disturbance comes our way. I always like a little fresh stuff and those winter wonderland snow flurries.

The trails are reported to be in generally good condition throughout the area. There are some thin spots or snirty spots, but you can ride.

Spots that were beat up last weekend probably will be this weekend too, we had only about 3″ of new snow. It helped trails a lot, but I am not sure about high traffic areas like the RR grade along 32.

It has been a very quiet week up here. Not a lot of people have been out, so the trails should be about like Tuesday’s pictures.

Based on my page counter, you might have some company this weekend. We came close to the record Monday, and traffic on this page has been brisk the rest of the week too.

In events we have..

Women on Snow Weekend at Waubee Lake Lodge
Weekend of snowmobiling fun for women only.
Call Pam (715) 276-3055

Saturday-Chute Pond Snowmobile Club Club Breakfast, Ride, and Dinner at Kitty’s Grill & Bar on Chute Pond. Breakfast (buy y.o.) at 8:00 am and hit the trails at 9:00 am. Click link above for more details.

Dan G from the Chute Pond Club and frequent contributor here said yesterday in a comment..

Anyone who wants to join us for the Brent Rosner Memorial Snowmobile Ride- meet 9:00 am at Water’s Edge, Hwy 32 on Anderson Lake. We’ll make a poker run and be back by 3:30 for the poker hands, then over to Kitty’s on Chute Pond for dinner, drinks, and some smart talk.

(From Thursday)We are participating in the Brent Rosner Memorial Snowmobile Ride this coming Saturday. There is a group of 200 riders trying to get from Pulaski to the Chute Pond area. Does anyone know if Brown County Zone 6 and the Chase area trails might be open by then so they can ride rather than drive their cars? We also have a separate group meeting at Water’s Edge on Anderson Lake to do another leg of this benefit ride. All riders are welcome to join us.


I will be at Rapids this Saturday bar tending from noon to five. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood, I will bring the camera.

There still are no big storms anywhere in the scope of the 16 day GFS. There are pretty many small storms. It looks like this leg of the season is going to snow 1-3 and 2-4 at a time. Ride it.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!