Friday January 22, 2021

Greetings and welcome!

Very little has changed since my last update. We still only have 2-4” of snow cover, but it is a crusty snow with an icy base.

We did have a little snow Tuesday afternoon. It was enough to make the roads white but that was about it. The roads are now icy because of it and the lower temperatures that came after the snow. Salt is very effective at 25 or 30 degrees, but not very effective below that.

There is some snow possible for Saturday night and Sunday. Unfortunately according to my models we will be lucky to see 3”.

I am seeing some significant snow on the European model for our friends in the northern ¼ of Illinois for about Tuesday. The GFS doesn’t show much for that storm at all, but the Euro shows as much as 11” south of the state line area. We will again be watching from the cheap seats.

The GFS is showing a major storm coming our way for about Feb 5 & 6. That would be great, but we have talked about this before. There is always a storm two weeks out. (Written last night, canceled this morning)

There is some good news today. We are making ice and frost in the ground. Tuesday night we were down to 12 degrees. Thursday we had a high of 21 and a low of 2. Today we are in for a high of 16 and a low of -1 tonight. That will help the cause for winter sports in general.

The ice reports that I have seen on Facebook range from 7-12”. Our cold weather this week should raise those numbers (finally!).

People are riding on lakes, but they vary a lot on snow cover after the melt a week ago. The pictures of Lake Noquebay looked pretty bare.

Someone said that if you put a white crayon in the freezer pointing north that it would snow. I’d put a whole 200 ultimate bucket pack in there if it would help.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!