Friday January 25th, 2013 6pm

Greetings and welcome!

We have a snowstorm happening so there will be several updates today.

2:15 am- We have between a half inch and an inch down so far. When I drove home from work at about 11 it was a very fine snow, but it was coming down at a moderate rate. When I looked out the door a few minutes ago it was a little bigger flakes.

It is only about 6 degrees out so it will be a low moisture snow. The TV weather guy made the point that in summer the whole storm would barely wet the pavement. The storm total is expected to be about 3-5 but the actual water content is a couple of tenths of an inch.

The storm is giving the forecasters a bumpy day. It is pulling dry air up from the south and creating a low level dry layer in the atmosphere. That held the snow off for a little while longer than expected. It is also creating dry slots in the storm, making it challenging to say who will get how much.

At the moment I am comfortable with saying 1/2-3/4″ down, maybe an inch in spots. I’d be pretty surprised if we saw the whole 5″ the way that the radar looks, but there is still time.

If we hit the jackpot and got 5, we’d be up to 6-7″ of clipper snow since the big thaw. It is a start. Places that held base will be nice, places that melted all of the way down will probably be a little thin. I don’t see it being enough to fill in rocky areas or trails like the railroad grade where it went down to gravel. There will be places to ride, but a lot of trails will be in early season condition.

Maybe I will get back to the forecast later. I don’t like what it says right now and the pillow is calling.

I will be back in the morning. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!


6:30am- About 1-1.5″ down. So far so good….

12 noon– There is about 3″ down. It is very fluffy snow. The radar shows that it is just about finished.

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3pm- About 3.5″ total. It is really puffy though, so it will settle or get packed down a lot. Looks like it is done.

6pm- There was a lot more snow on the way to work, so I am going to up my snowfall tally into the 4-5″ range. It is puffy, but there is a decent amount of it.