Friday January 29th, 2010

Greetings and Welcome!

Holy Cow, it’s Friday already? Yowza. I guess I got sucked into working on my store. Day turns to night turns to day and pretty soon, you start loosing days.  I figured the bad conditions and cold weather was a good chance to skip a day or two, but not all of em. Sorry.

Trail Conditions-

Around here in Silver Cliff the trails are closed south of C. North of C they need more snow for the bare spots. Rumor has it that you can ride north of 8 and west of 32. Dungood, LMT, and the 100 miler are reporting good enough or better trails. Check out the comments from this week and the individual web sites for verification, I haven’t been there .


-I make it a point not to say bad words on this here interwebby thingie, but the weather forecast has it close. In the 16 day GFS  I see a minor chance of light snow the next two Tuesdays, and over the weekend next weekend. Way out in the forecast there is a slight chance that a real storm might graze us. Translation, it is a 16 day forecast of no.

About the only thing good about it is that it is staying cold and we are making ice. Snow lovers don’t have much to get excited about.

The weekend looks good for the radar run on Caldron Falls. Look for highs almost hitting 20 and lows around zero or a little colder according to the TV.

My event calendar shows these events for the weekend..

MS Snowmobile Tour 2010 January 28-31 Northern Lights Casino

Caldron Falls Radar Run- January 30th Boat Landing # 9 by Thornton’s

The River Road Riders and Near North Trail Riders Club Rides were this weekend, the status of those is unclear, as is the status of the poker run at Dockside. You can do the poker run by car, so chances are it will go on.

This no snow and no hope of snow for weeks has me down a little. I am not ready to concede that winter will stink this year just yet. I am worried enough that I will likely tempt fate a little next week once it warms into the 20s. The plan is to take the plow off of the truck and start stealing parts from RXL #1 to work on RXL #2. If Murphy’s Law comes into play, as soon as I disable both, it will snow, and we will all be a lot happier. I don’t think that I can change the weather, but I can tempt fate a little and see what happens.

As I mentioned above this was kind of a lost week for me. It was cold out, so I hunkered down and put in some massive hours in on my new store. We are close to official launch, and I really had some ground to cover.

It is starting to get pretty cool, and I am getting excited about it. The product is head and shoulders better than the competition, and the store is the nicest that I have ever done. It is still a work in progress and will be for quite some time, but it is ready enough for a peek.

I put a link to it up on the top right of the page. It will eventually assume the place with the other ads, but I want to introduce it to you guys as a sneak preview. Take a look, the traffic helps me out both with the search engines and who knows, maybe you might be interested in some of that stuff. In the interest of disclosure, I am invested in the store and I get a commission. I also figure that you guys are a little invested in it too since it took so much of my time this year. That is why you get a sneak preview.

That is about it from here. I might see a few of you at Rapids this weekend, other wise I will catch up with you next week, hopefully with a better forecast and more than two updates.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!