Friday January 7th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

We have a little weather to talk about today.

There is a big storm to our northeast that will be affecting our weather this weekend. As it slides a little west, the cold CCW winds coming out of the north will bring us some lake effect snow. We actually had enough last night to cover roads a little, and we could see as much as an inch by Saturday morning.

Being a couple of hours south of Lake Superior, if we are getting measurable lake effect snow, it will be hammering in the UP closer to the lake. Both the TV weather guy and John Dee mentioned the possibility of up to two feet in some spots.

The storm for next weekend continues to show up on the GFS. It is more believable today because they have it following the same storm path that several of our bigger storms have taken, the one over Northern MN.

The unusual part is that it is shown with enough cold air involved to make it a snow event for us even though we are on the warm side of the storm.  Right now it looks like a 3-6 event, followed by a lot of wind and cold.  The GFS is showing more active weather behind the storm, which would be great.

In the meantime we have a pretty comfortable week and weekend ahead for temperatures. Look for highs between 20 & 25 and lows anywhere from zero to the teens. We saw last week where the low temps were hard to predict, so a range will do.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!