Friday January 28th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

145am Saturday-I can verify 7″+ on the back step. There might be a little more away from the house.

12am Saturday- 5″!! It is still snowing but the flakes are getting smaller.

11pm- Four inches and still snowing good!

10pm- Yee ha! I have between 2.5-3″ down and it is still snowing.

9pm- There is easily an inch down now. The snow flakes are bigger and they are coming faster. The radar says that it could go on for a while.


I have about a half-inch down now and it is snowing at a decent pace. It is already enough to freshen things up, and the radar says that there is more coming.


So far nothing. The radar shows that it is coming though. We are looking at 2-4 according to the TV.

Morning Update

The snow for this afternoon and tonight is still on track, and even looks a little better this morning.

Yesterday the models had the storm really clipping though the area and limiting totals. The latest version has it slowed down a little and we are now again expecting 2-3″. It could bring a little more, but there is some difference of opinion on that. The morning news said 2-4 with a winter weather advisory. The forecast animations have us about at the 3″ mark. We shall see..