Friday January 8th, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

We had about 1.5″ of snow overnight, but at about 5am it turned to rain. There is more rain expected today, followed by an inch or two of snow.

It is expected to get up into the mid-30s today along with the light rain.

When I was in Crivitz yesterday afternoon I got a look at conditions. Just say no. There was grass sticking up through the snow in most areas. With the rain/snow line 20 miles north of there most of the night, it is probably gone in all but the deepest areas.

There was a lot more snow north and west and the hope is that the base will absorb the rain and freeze into an ice base Saturday night.The challenge to that plan is the timing of the storm and mid-30s Saturday temperatures. If we see a lot of Saturday riders that might not work out.

In the meantime I am off to work. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!