Friday March 22nd, 2013


We made it!

It is almost as absurd to think that we would ride great trails the 4th weekend in March as last year’s 80 degree weather was, but here we are..

As of 12:30pm we have filtered sun and 32 degrees. Looking out of the window there isn’t any obvious melting.

The trails that I rode yesterday were as good as you could expect in late January or early Feb of a good year. I don’t see anything that could take them down in the next 6 hours, even if it was 60 and direct sun.

On my ride I recall seeing two spots that were sun burned, and they had the area of about a pool table if they were combined. The trails along the road on the way to work on Hwy C and south on Parkway to X all looked good at 330pm. On the way home it was pretty dark out, but I only saw one spot that opened up a little, and it was right at a road crossing where road salt and sun could get it.

The worst part of riding right now is the plowed/paved roads. I have some road to cover to get to the trail, and that wasn’t pretty. Trails on plowed roads like the one that goes around Wheeler Lake are not going to be much fun unless there is a snowbank trail. Other than that, the ride was all on 8+ trails on a 1-10 scale.

Riding the new RXL was a blast. My hands were getting tired from hanging on when I’d grab a handful, but it was a happy tired. I was really liking the long travel (Xtra 12) suspension too. Stutter bumps that would paint shaker me on the 92 were a mere shudder on the 95. It ran great and was a blast to ride.

All of my snowmobiles have names, now the new one does too. The pretty 92 RXL is the Dirty Girl, younger, faster, prettier that the original one (The Rebuilt). The Indy Trail is the Little Girl. The new one got named Push Button 60. It only took a second coming out of the corners to get freeway speeds between the solid motor and the studded track. Yeeha!

I am not sure what the weekend holds for me. There is a chance that I will stop in at Curve Inn tomorrow afternoon and do some pictures of riders that stop in. A lot of people are after my time this weekend, so that isn’t carved in stone yet. I will have to make that call in the morning.

If you are not here or on the way here you probably should be. It doesn’t get much better than this, and for the 4th weekend in March it is incredible.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!