Friday March 28th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

After Work..

Silver Cliff ended up with about 3+, Wausaukee saw 6-7 of wet heavy snow. Rumor had it that Pembine had only a little less. My friend in Wabeno reported only 2-3. It was a sunny and 42 degree day, so we gave a lot back. There is a chance to ride tomorrow, but it will be sloppy. Not sure if I will put one on a trailer and go, or call it a year.. RJB

From Jeff’s comment..

Oh yeah…. we got about 4? here around Pembine at least. Wet packing snow on a solid base. There would be some pretty darn nice riding to be had up here today. Lucky for me I’m at work :(


It looks like we got a couple of inches out of the storm. I will get a better look around and update later.


After starting and cleaning off the car I am good with the 2″, but it is a very sturdy 2″. I’ll bet that they got more north.