Friday, March 29, 2013

7:00 AM

Word just came in that Iron Snowshoe Trails are closed south of Highway C. The trails north of Highway C remain open at this time.


Greetings and welcome!

Here we are again- 47 and sunny. It is hard to let go of such a fabulous season, but here in my neighborhood it is a harsh reality. The trails took it hard yesterday. They were either a couple of inches of slush on top of an ice base, puddles, or blown out to dirt in the occasional sunny spot.

The world hasn’t ended yet though..

You can still ride up by Hwy 8, places like the Dun-Good and Pemenee Riders Trail systems. Word on the street is catch them early in the day while they are still crunchy, they get slushy later.

Riding with Dan & Dylan is reporting that the March 31 deadline is not carved in stone. Forest, Florence, Marinette, and parts of Shawano Counties are planning on staying open as long as conditions will allow. You will want to check the various web sites for closures. Like Iron Snowshoe, some clubs and counties have open and closed areas.

I am vacillating between a full surrender and the possibility of throwing one on the trailer over the weekend and finding a sheltered area for some last quick miles. We will have to see how the weekend turns out. Right now it looks like rain and mid to upper 40s Saturday, but but only about 1/4″ of the rain. Sunday goes low 40s with rain, wind, and maybe some snow. That doesn’t sound inviting, but it is just a forecast.

It is a shame that it is going this way. A freeze and a 6″ snow would put us right back onto good trails, but that is not likely according to the forecast.

It is hard to let go of the best season in years for length, and the best trails in years with an awesome flat base.

I will be back with additional updates and a season epilog soon.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!