Friday Night 1-19-18

Greetings and welcome!

011918aWe had another warm day today. I saw 39 at my friend’s house, and 37 on my car. Wabeno made it up to 41. At 10:15pm we are just now crossing the freezing mark, heading for a low of 27.

We did go backward today. The trails along Hwy C were starting to show some staining. The spots that had worn through the base before the early week snow were showing a dark strip under the snow. The spots in my driveway that were plowed thin definitely opened up a little.

With a high of 40 predicted for tomorrow areas that have thin or marginal conditions are probably in for a tough day. Areas with more base should handle some traffic and still be passable. If I were to ride tomorrow I would probably focus on north and east.

Something that I missed in previous updates was that the DNR is having a free fishing weekend this weekend. In the interest of promoting the sport the DNR is letting you fish without buying a license.

The Sunday-Monday storm is still in play but how it will play out is still in question . The latest that I have shows the storm coming late Sunday night and all day and night Monday. According to the TV it will be almost all snow here, the NWS forecast mixes in a little more rain, which is reasonable if the bulk of the storm comes Monday during the day and the low moves far enough north.

I liked the last sentence of the NWS forecast discussion…

Confidence in exact precipitation type and totals at any location is low due to model differences, so have decided to hold off issuing any headlines but there should be some pretty high snowfall totals over some part of the area by the time this event is finished.

At least we are in the game, and if the TV version happens it will be a very good storm for us.

I will be at Rapids Resort tomorrow from noon to 5pm. Stop in and get you picture taken and I will put on the Big Snow Page next week.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!