Friday November 23, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

There was a snowstorm that came through the region last night that gave NW WI and the UP some snow. The cold lake effect winds across Superior brought lake effect snows to Vilas Co and the favored areas nearby. Right now they are hitting the east central UP as the storm moves off to the east.

The radar showed a patch or two of snow grazing our area last night, but there was no evidence that it actually hit the ground when I looked out of the window this morning.

It looks like we didn’t miss by much, the TV says that there are winter weather advisories for Forest, Florence, and Oneida Counties.

There is another chance of snow Saturday night and Sunday, but that looks like a small and weak system, so expecting an inch would be a stretch. There is no sign of the Monday storm that looked so pretty on the GFS model from a couple of weeks ago. There is another one about two weeks out to keep us entertained, but there usually is.

One thing that the overnight storm brought was a halving of temperatures. Yesterday we hit 63, today we have peaked at 31.

The wind with the storm has been strong, with a steady 20mph wind gusting to 45. That would suggest to me that there were probably some pretty decent lake effect snows, and they probably reached farther than usual. I’d be surprised if some people in the UP weren’t getting in a first lap around the yard or maybe a little first snow gravel run.

For now it looks like a cold week ahead, and that is good. I would much rather have the ground and lakes well frozen before the snow comes.

Work will slow down for me after deer hunting, and that is when I am planning on working on sleds. I did start the new addition to my stable yesterday, a really clean 94 Indy Trail that was too cheap to pass up. The RXLs need a little work, but in the event that the snow required a first snow victory lap, I was ready.

That is today’s update. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!