Friday November 5th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

My apologies that I haven’t been updating more often, I have been a very busy boy. We have some stuff to tallk about, so let’s dive in.

There was snow in the UP yesterday according to the TV. The cold front that came through brought snow and rain showers mostly north of the border. The NWS put out a bulliten advising drivers that the usual lake effect areas there and in NC WI could see slippery roads. In the wee hours it looks like the areas around Marquette are seeing real snow.

I am still waiting for our official first snow. There have been close calls, but no real snow flakes or white grass yet. It is fairly unusual to get through October without at least a snow or two.

The cold front that brought the snow also brought some cold and winds to remind us that it is November. Tonight and Friday night could see low 20s for lows, and Friday might not even hit 40. Add in a little wind and some clouds, and hey it’s November.

Also very November, it is getting dark early now. It will get worse this weekend when we fall back an hour. At 2am Sunday morning the clock goes back an hour. Saturday’s sunrise will be @ 7:43, and sunset @ 5:39pm. We are losing about a minute of daylight on each end, so Sunday’s sunset will be at 4:38pm. I am not a fan of that at all.

We do not have a lot of events coming up. There is a gun and knife snow at Crivitz Village Hall Saturday, and the Snowmobile USA show will be in Novi, MI this weekend. Next weekend the snowmobile show comes to Green Bay.

There are a few bow hunters around, and they haven’t been seeing a lot of deer. Some of it you can blame on the predator du jour. Some of it you can blame on the deer getting more nocturnal with the fall season. I haven’t been seeing many deer around until a Wednesday night drive late in the evening. I probably saw 20 deer in 20 miles.  I had a doe bolt out in front of the truck Thursday, one of the few that I have seen in the daytime in the last week or so.

The weather is expected to shape up for the weekend. Friday will be cloudy windy and cool, but Saturday and Sunday should be nicer. Look for parting clouds and 45-50 for Saturday and a few degrees warmer for Sunday.

Looking ahead on the GFS there is a classic southern storm showing up for about two weekends out (Nov 13 & 14). Calling rain and snow would be way early, but it will be worth watching. Behind that storm it looks like some cooler weather for the middle of the month.

On the personal side, it has been a week of surprises. I had a really clear cut plan for the week, and none of that happened. It was an ambitious list of outside work, working in the shop, and on snowmobiles, and on web sites and my glow in the dark store. Instead a lot of computer repair work came in (a wonderful thing), and a lot of unexpected stuff came up. It was  strange week that left me smiling about the frivolous nature of plans..

One of my accomplishments this week was setting up a web site for the local pool league. It is at or Marilyn already has last week’s standings posted, and there is a schedule there too.

It is that time of year to remind people to clean their chimneys. Chimney fires are really bad news, and it happens somewhere around here almost every year. I usually clean mine about now and again mid-season.

That is about it for today. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!