Friday October 5th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

I only have a minute so this will be a short visit, but the first snow of the season is an important landmark.

There is a big storm up in northern MN that brought us a major cold front and will likely bring us the first snow of the season. At one point northern MN had winter storm warnings with high winds and 6-12 predicted. They have backed off on that now, and they are looking at 2-5.

Closer to home the cold wind across the relatively warm water of Lake Superior will bring the first lake effect snows to the blessed regions that get that sort of stuff. When I checked areas like Presque Isle and Bolder Junction could see an inch or two accumulate tonight and Saturday.

We probably won’t get that lucky, but we are expecting some flurries or snow showers tonight and tomorrow. Yee Ha!