Friday the 13th December 2019

Greetings and welcome!


It is definitely Friday the 13th around here. Some stuff went good today, but not all of it.

I did manage a couple of pictures at the Silver Cliff house today. I also measured the snow on my hood of the S-10. I got 16-18″ but I am sure that there was more. I no sooner got there and I got a call to leave.

Here are some pictures. One is the garage roof here by Caldron Falls. One is the road by the BP at Parkway and Hwy C. There is a picture of the somewhat buried S-10, and then the roof of the camper. The last one is where I mixed up my power equipment and sucked up a lawn mower blade into the snowblower. Not recommended. Fri the 13th.


Iron Snowshoe is not open yet, but they have a target date of the 19th. Northern Oconto Co- The Paul Bunyan Rider and Red Arrow Townsend remain closed. Red Arrow says that only about 25% of their trails are cleared and marked and they are asking for volunteers for tomorrow. They would like to open for next weekend.

The Near North trails are open but some are not groomed due to wet areas. They are having a work day tomorrow if you would like to volunteer.

From the website..

The majority of the Dun-Good trails have been cleared.  Ride with caution. A few areas still need some additional work. Groomers will not be running over the week end. 

12/12/19 Updated Trail Report for the DUN-GOOD RIDERS: We continue to work clearing and grooming the trails. Trails are open but some sections need additional work. Ride with caution! Please watch for the trail workers and equipment out on the trails. We’ll update again tomorrow (Friday 12/13/19) Riding opportunities are limited. ATV/UTV riding is not advised at this time. We’ll post updates as conditions change and improve.

The PEMENEE RIVER RIDERS: Niagara, North & South Loops to Dunbar have been groomed. The trail behind Pembine Sport and Lawn thru the swamp is open, please ride it with caution. Trails are open except the Norway Trail is not open at this time. We do still have some storm damaged on the trails so please ride with caution!

I would not ride the lakes yet. There is some ice but heavy snow came before it got thick enough. There is danger there.

Winter came a month early this year and brought some ugly ice storms that really messed up the trails with trees and fallen branches. It is going to take some time and volunteers before trails can open. We have plenty of snow, the most that I have ever seen before Christmas. Too bad it came with storms that devastated hundreds of miles of trails.

Nobody gets paid to clear and mark the trails. Volunteers and club members do it all. Your trail pass pays for grooming but unless the state releases some disaster aid the trail clearing is all volunteer. Jump in there if you can.

I got Hughes Net installed at the Caldron Falls house today. So far it works good enough.

That is it for me. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!