Thursday January 12, 2012

Greetings and welcome!


Still a little light snow, not much accumulating. It is a solid inch maybe a little more.


The snow has picked up a little in intensity. We are still under 2″” but it is snowing.


So far the storm looks a lot more impressive on radar than it does in my yard. There is about an inch down now.

The first flakes came at about 3am and there were not many of them. By 6am we were up to about 1/4″, and at noon it is probably up to an inch and snowing lightly.

We are under a winter weather advisory, any hopes of a storm warning are fading.  The NWS is looking for another inch or two today and again tonight.

This has not been the silver bullet that we were looking for to get us out on the trail, but snow is snow.