Monday 02-12-18

Greetings and welcome!

It was an incredible weekend. A lot of people took to the trails and they were having fun. The Rapids Resort was crazy busy all day and it was awesome to see so many snowmobilers around. Thank you to everyone that stopped in and made it a truly amazing day.

021218pI took a lot of people pictures over the course of the day, too many to post on the front page here. In order to not take down the server by loading 25 or 30 pictures every time that the page loads I made a separate page for them.

People Pictures are here..

Thank you to everyone that I got a picture of, and my apologies to the many groups that I missed. If I don’t ask you, please ask me. I like getting your pictures. It gives me a break from the bar and a chance to meet you guys.

I am not really sure what the trails look like this morning. You guys wore me out and I never left the house yesterday. It is a happy tired but it makes for a lousy trail report.

I do not like the weather forecast for this week and coming weekend. Wednesday we are looking at mid-40s and sun, and Thursday mid-30s and Sun. Saturday doesn’t look too bad at 30, but Sunday at 42 might be a little too comfortable. There is no snow expected this week, but next week looks better, and there are some bigger storms showing up on the GFS about 10 days to two weeks out.

In the meantime use your sick days wisely.

Thank you all very much for a really fun weekend!

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!




2 thoughts on “Monday 02-12-18

  1. Ray, we rode Northern Oconto County both Saturday and Sunday and found very heavy traffic both days. The local groomers are out repairing the worn out trails and I’m sure they’ll have them back in shape for the weekend.

  2. Ray,
    we rode Saturday and Sunday and had a fantastic ride. We went by the ice drags at about noon and it was packed, it looked like a very well organized event. Very impressive. I remember when the drags was a small folding table were you paid someone and then you ran your sled. This looked like a “RED BULL” event. Very nice. We covered 300 miles on Saturday and 100 miles on Sunday, the trails were way better then expected. We rode Wausaukee, Crivitz, Athelstane, Silver Cliff, Carter, Wabeno, Townsend, Mountain and a couple I cant remember. We stayed away from trails that let ATV’s on them. I will be avoiding spending my money in those areas if I can help it. We had 5 sleds so there is money to be lost for those areas. Anyway thanks for the updates.

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