Monday 1-13-2020

Greetings and welcome!

We have a lot to talk about today and some pictures of weekend visitors too.

We saw about an inch of snow last night from the looks of the porch rail. We have a couple of more chances for a 1-3 snow this week and then a bigger storm possible for the weekend. The first snow comes tonight and another one is expected for Wednesday afternoon or evening.

The weather buddies on TV are getting kind of excited about the Friday-Saturday storm. My guidance is showing it as a long duration light snow event with a two day total of about 6-8″. I expect it to start late Friday afternoon. We are over a hundred hours out, so I won’t get too excited about details right now. Just be aware of the possibility of snow this weekend.

We don’t have any big thaws or deep freezes coming up in the short term. The warmest day this week is expected to be tomorrow with a high of 34. Other than that it looks pretty seasonal with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens. The trails are in good shape and should stay that way this week.

Longtime visitor and friend Tom e-mailed this morning to remind me that Team Winnebagoland is having their ATV ride up in Dunbar next weekend. If you don’t like ATVs/UTVs on the trail it might be an area to avoid. If you have a UTV/ATV it sounds like a fun weekend.

There was supposed to be a radar run on High Falls Flowage this Saturday (18th) but they pushed it back a week in hopes of better ice conditions on the lake. It is now planned for Saturday the 25th. I believe that I am missing another event for this weekend but it eludes me at the moment.

Last Saturday was overcast with temperatures in the low 20s. There was a stiff wind that made it feel a little colder. People reported generally good or great conditions. It wasn’t warm enough or enough free snow to build whoopties so the trails stayed pretty good with the weekend traffic.

I got to meet quite a few riders at Rapids Resort last Saturday. I have pictures of some of them below. As always if you want a high resolution version use the contact form and I can e-mail you one. I have to size them down for the web, so what you see is the small version.

Anyway one group that visited included Dan and Dylan Guendert of Riding With Dan and Dylan fame. Usually when I’d run into those guys it was at an event and we were both on our way somewhere. Saturday we actually got to hang out and shoot the breeze a little and it was a great time. They were riding with a very fun crew and it was a blast. If you get a chance to ride with these guys pounce on it. Great to see you guys and thank you for coming! I quite enjoyed our visit.

Here are more pictures of people that came to visit at the Rapids Resort last weekend. Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!