Monday 1-15-18 2pm Update

Greetings and welcome!


By the time that I left at 9:45am there was about 1.5″ down. There have been light and heavy squalls. The total as of 2pm in my front yard is 3.5-4″.

Looking at the radar I would expect southern and central Oconto Co to report higher totals. The radar showed the snow struggling to get this far north, but they have consistently been in the snow.

The big winners were in Door Co where lake effect added up to 18″ in Bailey’s Harbor and 12″ in Fish Creek.

8am- The first look out the window finds about 1/2″ down.


2 thoughts on “Monday 1-15-18 2pm Update

  1. Ray, we ended up with about 2″ of snow here at Chute Pond. Paul Bunyan is reporting about the same. Townsend reported about 3″, and Carter/Wabeno about 3-4″. All local clubs are out panning or grooming the new snow. Hopefully, our next weather system will bring us more!

  2. About 1″ of “broomable”- NOT groomable snow here at Chute Pond at 8:00 am this morning. Still snowing lightly.

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