Monday 1-2-16

Greetings and welcome!

The snow Friday night wasn’t a lot but it made a big difference. It was all that you could ask out of 2-3″. It added some free snow to icy trails and bare spots.

We have a storm coming for late today into Tuesday. There is a lot of discussion on the rain/snow line. Either way the precipitation quantity is unimpressive. If it were all snow we could see 1-3″, if it were all rain we would be in the 0.1-0.25″ range.

More impressive is the cold and wind behind it, We are expecting a cold week with highs in the low teens and below zero nights.

The next chance at a big storm comes about the 10th, with several more snow chances the following week.

Saturday I pulled the Indy Trail out of storage but didn’t get to do much on it. Sunday it got checked for mouse nests and it got a new battery. That was good¬† enough to make a few runs up and down the driveway. I will be riding as soon as I finish up the sled check over, but there is a busy week ahead. I might take a quick spin around the neighborhood tonight before the cold comes and the busy week thing closes in.

The trails that I saw the other day looked good enough to nice, and I know that can always hit the forest roads if the ‘early season conditions’ get too thin. The word on the street is that people are riding and having fun, even if there is some thin stuff/rocks/ruts.

1-1-16b 1-1-16a

The first picture is my new Motobatt. I am a big fan. The one that it replaced was installed in 2011, and has been in the sled since. It never saw a charger, maintainer or indoor storage.  It was still very strong last fall, but I stored it run down and it froze, killing it. They cost more than regular fill the acid batteries, but if it lasts 5 years it is a bargain.

The second picture is a track that I made in my driveway Sunday. It is Friday night’s snow on top of the plowed driveway ice base. Good enough.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!