Monday 1-2-2023

Greetings and welcome!

While no one wanted to see it, closing the trails Friday was the right move for Iron Snowshoe. The warm weather was pretty bad. I saw some riders go by well after the trails were closed and they left tracks in the trail 2-3″ deep. Some of the trail base was as soft as Cool Whip. From what I saw yesterday the trails were a little beat up from heavy traffic and riding on the soft stuff. There are bare spots and whoopties that will need snow and grooming to fix.

For now all of Marinette Co trails are closed except for the Dun-Good trails. (Yes closed to ATVs & UTVs too) Over in Oconto Co both Red Arrow and Paul Bunyan remain open, but there will be some bad or bare spots.

We are staring down the barrel of a big winter storm, but as has happened before, it is too far west of us and we will mostly be on the rain side of the storm. The forecast is for a wintery mix with snow, rain, freezing rain, and sometimes all of the above. In the end we will be lucky to see 2-4″ of wet snow, and that sounds kind of optimistic.

I will offer up that sometimes these right on the line storms end up going our way. Right now I have some optimism in that direction because the warm flow in advance of the storm isn’t all that warm. We are right at 32F at 2pm Monday. Hopefully that works out for us.

Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!