Monday 1-22-18 9:30pm

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012218dThe storm has pinwheeled out and we only have very light snow falling. The low has more pinwheels that look like they might be able to make it here with a little more snow. That is very much in question as the low moves off to the east.

Even if the extra lines of precip don’t make it here we still had a good snow. I just went out and measured 7″ pretty consistently around the front yard.

I will get a better look tomorrow as I do snow removal and hopefully go out for a ride. BTW a soda can is about 5″ high (4 7/8″).




I just measured 4″ around my yard and one spot had 4.5″. They had about 3-3.5 by Boat Landing 9 on Caldron Falls Flowage (by Thorntons). I talked to a guy on the way home that lives east of High Falls Fowage that was surprised to see the 3+ inches by Landing 9. He was sure that he only had 1.5″ when he plowed. That rain/snow line must be close.

Along that same line of thinking I would guess that the folks on Old J with the higher elevation probably have more.


It is snowing at a moderate pace. My front yard measurements were 2 and 2.5″ so far. It is sticking in the trees and weighing down the pines so it will be a scenic snow when it is over. The wet snow will also pack very well  It looks like the rain/snow line is between Hwy 64 and Crivitz.

9:30am- The snow came a little after 9am. Small flakes coming out of the east are not adding up just yet. There is a light coating on the car.



The radar shows snow here but none is falling or down on the ground yet.


The storm on our doorstep is as close as about Lake Winnebago as I start this at 12am Monday. The forecasts vary but they agree on at least 6″ of snow. The high end numbers vary from about 7.5″ to 10+ and 12+. My best guess is 6-8.

We are under a winter storm warning. The same storm has blizzard warnings in NE, KS, IA and MN. While we won’t likely see blizzard conditions, the wind gusting as high as 28 mph and blowing the snow will likely make travel a challenge tomorrow.

We need that snow. The trails that I saw Sunday were in bad shape. Roads are melting off and there is plenty of dirt. I didn’t have much time on Sunday but by late afternoon riding more than up and down the driveway was out.

I went to Crivitz at Sunset and they took it as bad or worse than us. The trail across the field a mile north of town was all dirt. There wasn’t much left at the road crossing by the motel either. A lot of trails are starting from scratch.

I will update in the morning.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!