Monday 11-22-2021

Greetings and welcome!

The snow from the 14th actually had patches survive for a few days in sheltered areas. It eventually melted everywhere.

We had a little snow today but it only added up to a good dusting. The sun will eat some of it and the rest will likely go away Wednesday when we go into the upper 40s.

We are starting to get frozen ground and ice on some small backwaters. When I was working outside Saturday I was running into some frozen ground. It wasn’t a lot, but there was some frost in the ground. Friday afternoon I actually saw a small pond with shell ice.

The forecast this week looks very good for going in that direction. Tonight we are expecting to hit a low of 18, and then a high temp tomorrow of 29, followed by a Monday night low of 12. That should freeze some ground and bodies of water. The 16 day forecast is mostly favorable for continuing to get some frost into the ground and make ice.

There is a chance of accumulating snow about 12-5. That is pretty far out in the forecast so I’m not getting too excited about it.

We have had a warm fall season. That is pretty much over except for a day here and there. Winter is starting to get a grip.

Best wishes-