Monday 12-11-17

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There was another <1/2″ snow on my car this morning. Those little snows are adding up, and there is about 1.5″ on the back step.

We have a windy night brewing tonight. The TV weather channel 2-2 out of Green Bay says gusts can go to 40mph tonight. That wind has been causing some lake effect snow, and some of it made it into our neighborhood. I was up in Wabeno at sunset and on the way back I got into one of the snow squalls. It was decent sized flakes falling at a fast pace and the wind was whipping it around. It was like a real snowstorm or something. Now here at the house gusts combined with snow squalls keep tripping my motion light.

That cold wind has a lot of winter storm warnings in the UP of Michigan tonight. It looks like from about Marquette east is in the warned area. The little bit of radar that I saw showed from Munising down to Escanaba and a little to the east getting it pretty good today. I would expect that the Gogebic Range and Keewenaw will do well too.

We are expecting to go down to about 9 degrees tonight and only a high of 14 tomorrow. Those winds will still be gusting up to 25mph Tue, making for a brisk day, but one very favorable for the lake effect snow areas.

Our temperatures will eventually trend back up close to 30 for the weekend. We are expecting more light snow every few days (Wed, Sat, Mon). The first bigger storms with real snow potential come right at Christmas.

While not a lot, the light snows are packing down on roads that are not treated. It is a start.

With less than 2″ on the ground I don’t see them opening snowmobile trails this weekend, except maybe to make them open for ATV/UTVs.

I am happy that we have a couple of cold weeks under our belt. Things should be freezing up nicely. With the water levels so high just about everywhere, it was really important for us to freeze hard before the big snow comes.

Our big cold push has gotten interesting for the rest of the country. They actually had accumulating snow down in the Gulf states of TX, LA, & AL. A friend in GA has about the same amount of snow in his yard that I do here in northern WI. Crazy.

Well the clock is getting out from under me and there is a very full and cold day ahead tomorrow. I am going to have to do the Donations button tomorrow.

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Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!