Monday 12-18-17

Greetings and welcome!

We had a relatively warm weekend compared to what the recent weather has been. My thermometers said that we got into the upper 20s. Looking outside at the packing snow, the dripping roof and the ice dam at the edge of it it seemed like mid-30s.

The trail along Hwy C did see some riders this weekend. It packed down in most areas, but there were worn through spots too. Sunday I couldn’t take it anymore walking past the sled to work on something else and I fired it up for a ride. I only made it one lap up and down the big driveway, there was waaaay to much gravel and not enough snow under my skis. Looking at the side road right up the street that I use to get to the trail that was too thin too.

Around sunset Sunday we had some mist and fog that froze to everything. My car had a nice glaze to it. I will find out in about an hour how the roads fared.

The TV forecasters are getting pretty excited about our late week storm. The TV forecast that I saw this morning showed snow totals off of their GFS and European models. One showed our area getting about 6″, the other showed Antigo at 12″+ and Iron Mountain at 8+. When I looked yesterday the GFS showed a nearly perfect storm path. This morning it is about 75 miles farther south, still a hit, but not quite ideal.

Behind that storm the GFS is showing upper air temperatures going down to -30C, or in American,  -22F. That will make it very cold for us lowly surface dwellers. Think highs in the single digits and very cold nights in the 15 or 20 below range.

The storm is a big question mark at 3-4 days out, the big cold blasts like that almost always come true. That job in Puerto Rico is sounding pretty good when you talk about that -20 stuff..

I saw on facebook this weekend that someone drove his truck out onto the lake and made a splash. Apparently he was on about 3″ of ice when it went through. It is a rare year that you can drive out before Christmas or New Years, and apparently this isn’t one of them. Someone had a very expensive fishing trip.

My to-do list for today looks like a weekly list, and with the snow and cold coming I am really going to have my hands full. Time to run.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!