Monday 12-19-2022

Greetings and welcome!

As mentioned in my last update, we had a few more inches of snow from the back of the big storm. Later today we have a small storm heading our way with an inch or two of snow. It all adds up. You don’t think much of a dime until you have 10 of them and it’s a dollar.

The big focus right now is on a mid-week storm. This one is a big and powerful storm. Right now it looks like it is going to track too far south and east for us to be in the bull’s eye of it, but we are expecting some snow and lots of wind. The isobars on the forecast maps are really tightly packed indicating a sharp pressure gradient and lots of wind. The NWS is warning about blowing snow on the back of it possibly approaching blizzard conditions. Looking at the map I would not be surprised to see 40-50mph+ winds Friday and Saturday blowing around the fresh snow.

How much snow? Right now my guess is 2-4, maybe 3-6. On this storm a 100 mile difference in the storm track means a world of difference.. Will it be 4″ or 12″? Ask me Saturday.

Behind the storm we have some brutal cold coming our way. While not nice, I welcome it to help freeze up the lakes. We are way behind on that.

Right now anywhere you look the trees are heavily flocked with snow. Someone commented that it was like living in a snow globe. While it is beautiful, it is a disaster for the trails. Volunteers have been out cleaning up the trails for the past week and they are asking for help. Virtually every club in the area would welcome volunteers. Here are a couple of pictures from the Red Arrow Townsend club showing what they are up against.

There is enough snow to start packing the trails, but there is no way that a groomer can get through that. There are a lot of places that had big trees across the trails too. No the trails will not open this weekend, and this is one of several reasons why. I know that Red Arrow, Paul Bunyan, Iron Snowshoe, and Chute Pond have all put out a call for volunteers to help. My hero neighbor has been out working on Iron Snowshoe in the tornado zone with heavy equipment, and just about every other club in the area needs help.

Think about clearing 50 or 100 miles of that just on your club’s trails. It memory serves me, Iron Snowshoe has close to 200 miles of trails, much of it in wooded areas that need clean up. It is going to take a while.

Between what we have down, an inch or two tonight, and a couple of inches this weekend, we have a good start on snow. Now it is a matter of getting the trails ready. Wicked weather late week and the bitter cold behind the storm will slow things down a little. I know that the snowmobiling community has a lot of great people that step up when it is time. Once the weather breaks they will be hard at it to bring you the amazing snowmobile trail system that you know and love.

One final side note.. I got a heated boot dryer this week. OMG where has that been all of my life? I have Cabella’s Boa Inferno boots with 2,000G of Thinsulate and tons of other features. I love love love the boots and they have never left me cold, but my feet would sweat in them and they would get juicy. I put them on the dryer and start the day with toasty warm and dry boots. I though that I died and went to heaven. Here are some links to what I got..

Boot warmer/dryer-


Have a good Monday and thank you for visiting!